TOCA Wold Touring Cars PRESS KIT

TOCA Wold Touring Cars PRESS KIT

First impressions of this press kit are impressive.  The slipcover is in a nice all black finish with glossy writing for the title. Open it up and there is a selection of photo’s in the foldout wallet type case, Codemasters pin badge and promo only copy of the game.  However this is another of those press kits that has no Press CD so the actual usefulness of it as a Press Kit is limited as editors of the time had no images or press releases to reproduce in their magazines.  It’s still a nice piece but as a Press Kit it’s just missing that useful press information.

Happy to add this to the collection and hope you enjoy the photos.

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Press Kit Contents

TOCA Wold Touring Cars PRESS KIT including a Promo Only CD, Pin Badge, foldout wallet and slipcover.

Sadly no Press CD with this one tut, tut Codemasters.  Below is the closest I could find to a press release on the internet although I will try asking Codemasters.

TOCA Wold Touring Cars 

With over 2.5 million copies of the first two TOCA titles sold up until the release of this new version, Codemasters are sure to have another massive hit on their hands with World Touring Cars. Familiarity with its predecessors will hardly prepare you for this, a veritable feast of speed, spoilers and sparks. Yeah, the first two TOCA titles are still great driving games, but World Touring Cars is such an immersive and involving experience, if it was a book, you could file under ‘unputdownable.’ 

TOCA World Touring delivers close contact racing with impact physics damage, on real tracks and in real cars, on a global scale. The handling of these accurately-modelled cars is as good as it gets and the huge selection of tracks have been faithfully reproduced. Beyond the UK only races of the previous TOCA titles, World Touring Cars offers a full career mode where, after your initial championship season, you’ll hopefully be inundated with offers from other racing teams. It all depends on your performances, and there can be no excuses offered for dismal failure, because all the pre-race preparation is down to you. If you’re not ready to spend the rest of your days as a sofa-bound Jochen Rindt, then there’s always the Quick Race or Free Race option, for that essential pre-bedtime fix. 

With up to 14 cars on track at a time, collision is certain, collision which you will see and feel, thanks to the polygon deformation engine and the fact that if the computer cars get a chance to bully you off the track, they will. When you’re ploughing into a corner, three or four cars abreast, things really do get a bit hairy, especially on the Vancouver circuit with its walls and fences. Indeed, sometimes the game can resemble a demolition derby, with broken windscreens and stray bumpers making regular appearances. 

TOCA World Touring Cars is a truly pan-continental experience and will surely be another huge success for Codemasters. They thoroughly deserve it. Visit our Website:


Developer:   Codemasters Publisher:  Codemasters
Genre:Racing Simulation, No. of Players: 1 – 2 Players
Peripherals: Multi Tap, Dual Shock JoyPad, NegCon, Steering Wheel, Analogue JoyPad, Memory Card

Game Information

(Just in case you’ve been under a rock for 20+ Years)

Title: TOCA World Touring Cars
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Product Number: SLES-02572

TOCA World Touring Cars (Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing is the U.S. version) is the 3rd game from the successful Touring Car series. This game is bigger & better, with instead of just the British touring car series, they have expanded the game, so you can compete in touring car championships from across Europe, The America’s, Asia & Australia. 

You can race in an exhibition race or participate in a realistic championship mode, where you choose a scenario, first of all you have to complete the testing session, similar to Gran Turismo. After that you are set a target to reach before the end of season. If you complete the target you unlock secret cars. 

Manufacturer’s description:

  • 23 real-world locations including: laguna Seca, Road America, Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka and Surfers Paradise
  • 40 world class vehicles including: Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Dodge Viper, Subaru and BMW
  • 14 car simultaneous racing
  • Up to 4 player split-screen mode
  • Spectacular night driving 
  • Visible real-time damage 
BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

With all real cars, real drivers, real teams and real Championship Tracks, experience the white-knuckle drive of the official Toca Touring Car Championship – it’s the greatest, most closely-fought, contact-racing motorsport video game ever.

Thanks to for their invaluable information.

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