Spyro the Dragon PRESS KIT

Spyro the Dragon PRESS KIT 

This Press Kit has been a Holy Grail of mine for some time but it’s always been like that stuff in Avatar that the Earth guys kill the Blue dudes for, Unobtainium.  I have seen it in other collectors collections and never thought I would get the chance to own my copy. Sometimes however I get emails asking whats this worth, are you interested in such and such etc.  These emails never go anywhere and generally come to nothing.  

A few weeks back I received an email from a guy saying he had some press kits from back in his days when he wrote for PSX Magazines over in South Africa.  He sent over a list and photos and in amongst the photos were photo’s of not 1 but  2 x Spyro Press Kit’s along with some other amazing press kits.  From there we got talking and I made an offer to buy both Spyro Press Kits.  Import costs & Delivery Costs were expensive but it would be worth it to finally chalk the elusive Spyro Press Kit off the wanted list.

Paul accepted my offer and we got the ball rolling. Anticipation was high and the package was tracked daily as it passed through South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands and finally onto UK Shores.  Total time to collect and deliver took 5 days and finally Spyro Press Kit was in my hands and ready to be added to the collection.

Many thanks to Paul for making it such a smooth sale and even more thanks for letting me buy these from you.


Press Kit Contents 

Spyro Game, Foldout Release Information Leaflet with Press CD, Spyro 3D Cardboard Model of Spyro, Cage styled outer box to contain the Dragon.

Limited to 2130 Worldwide

The Press CD included in this Press Kit includes text files such as Press Releases, Developer Q&A, Features, Developer Bio’s & even an instruction sheet for a Rental Release.  Below is the 1998 Press Release text reproduced from the original text files on the Press CD.


September 1998 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Universal Interactive Studios are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Spryo The Dragon, the latest product from Insomniac Games, creators of the award-winning Distruptor.

Set in a mystical land populated by dragons, pixies, frogs and a menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures, Spyro The Dragon is guaranteed to astound even the most experienced gamers with a technologically ground-breaking 3D environment unlike any seen previously on PlayStation.

Gamers take control of Spryo, a little dragon with heaps of attitude whose family has been turned into crystal statues by super villain, Gnorc the Gnasty. Spryo must explore a myriad of different worlds and levels in order to free his fellow dragons from their crystal prisons and ultimately defeat Gnasty in a final showdown.

Ted Price, President of Insomniac is justifiably proud of his team’s achievements, claiming that: “Spyro came about through our desire to create a game that blows away all other 3D platformers in terms of gameplay, technology and art.”

Thanks to three purpose-built game “engines,” Spryo inhabits a stunningly beautiful world that is totally free roaming, where there are no path boarders or restrictive areas. By using multiple levels of polygon and texture detail, and technology to smooth the transitions between the detail levels, the player can enjoy infinite panoramic views, while still providing incredible detail close-up. 

With seven different worlds, more than 36 levels, and lots of bonus and “secret” areas, each with a very different look, feel and structure of challenges, the depth of gameplay in Spryo is phenomenal. Dual Shock compatibility will add an extra dimension to the gameplay by allowing the player to truly feel the on-screen action thanks to the controllers multi-frequency vibrating function. With a specially created exclusive soundtrack by former Police drummer, Stewart Copeland, a huge games fan himself, players are sure to be enjoying this game for months to come.

Chris Deering – President, Sony Computer Entertainment said:  “We are very excited about working with Universal Interactive Studios again and feel that Spryo will undoubtedly be one of the premier games this Christmas. With astounding graphics, truly immersive gameplay and a depth of character interaction that will astound gamers, Insomniac have developed a game that really does have it all.”

Visit Spyro’s dedicated website:


Developer:   Insomniac Games / Universal Interactive Studios 

Genre:  3D Free Roaming Platform/Adventure

No. of Players:  1  

Peripherals:  Dual Shock Analog Controller, Memory Card


Game Information

(Just in case you’ve been under a rock for 20+ Years)

Title: Spyro the Dragon
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developer: Insomniac Games
Product Number: SCES-01438

Gnasty Gnorc, super villain, has turned Spyro the Dragon’s family into crystal statues and has set himself up as dictator of all seven Dragon lands.  Spyro must free as many dragons from their crystal prisons and battle Gnasty Gnorc in a final showdown to release the world from his evil domination. 

Spyro frees dragons by touching the crystal statues and is rewarded with a cinematic scene where the crystal dragon becomes real again talks to Spyro, offers him thanks and perhaps a little advice and then disappears.  There are 120 crystal dragons placed throughout the stages and levels and also serve as save points.

Spyro’s must also collect all the treasure released when Spyro breaks open a chest, kills an enemy or solves puzzles. 100% completion of the game will result in the reward of either an extra level, or the chance to go back and play through the levels as a different character.

Spyro is protected by Sparks the Dragonfly. When Spyro is hit for the first time, Sparks will change colour from yellow to blue.  If he is hit again he will change from blue to green and if he is hit again Sparks will then disappear.  If Spyro is hit again, he will die. Sparks the Dragonfly, however can be recharged by charging creatures, releasing butterflies for Sparks to eat thus recharging his powers.

Key Features:

  • Graphically, one of the most stunning games ever seen, technologically superior to any other game in this genre. No pop up, no fogging, amazing distance drawing – a true 3D world!
  • Spyro’s enormous depth of gameplay and challenge is only equalled by its graphical excellence.
  • Highly accessible control system, designed specifically for the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK)
  • Enormous depth of gameplay. Each level has a specifically focused challenge and objective. Ther are over 30 regular levels and lots of hidden levels, secret paths, challenging puzzles to keep even the most experienced platform gamers up all night.
  • Progression through the game is carefully graduated allowing players to learn at their own pace.
  • Master your flying skills in the hidden bonus rounds.
  • Music composed by Stewart Copeland – ex band member of The Police.
  • Dragons rock!
BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

 The Dragon Lands have been taken over by Gnasty Gnorc and his Gnorc army. All of the dragons have been transformed into crystal statues and only Spyro is left.

That Gnasty Gnorc is TOAST! 


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