SCPH 1020 Sony PlayStation Memory Cards

The SCPH 1020 Sony PlayStation Memory Cards were an essential part to the whole PS1 experience.  Without a memory card you couldn’t save any progress in your game play and playing any RPG over and over game from the start would test any gamers patience.


Manufacturer: Sony
Product Number:  SCPH-1020
Contents: 1 x SCPH-1020 Memory Card + Instructions and Sticker Sheet

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

This memory card is for use exclusively with the “PlayStation”.
The capacity of this card is 15 blocks.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will supply a new card only when the memory card has manufacturing defects.
Sony” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation

MANUAL TEXT (Quoted from Original included leaflet) :

This card can record (save) and read (load) game data.
This card has 15 memory blocks. (Each game requires a different number of blocks, to record data.
Refer to the instruction manual for each game to determine the necessary number of blocks.)

How To Use
With the arrow mark facing up, securely insert the memory card into the “PlayStation”.
Recording (saving) and reading (loading) methods may vary depending on the game.
Please read the instruction manual for each game before playing.
Data can be copied and / or deleted even when the game is not being played. For further details, refer to the instruction manual of the “PlayStation”.

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