Phoenix Games Release List for PlayStation


Phoenix Games Release List for PlayStation

Original PlayStation (PS1, PSone)

Before we get to the Phoenix Games Release List for PlayStation here’s a brief (Hardly) Company Profile from Phoenix’s own defunct website.  It makes for interesting reading at the very least and gives an insight into the company that became king of budget PlayStation releases alongside their market competition Midas. You thought they just threw these titles together with stickyback plastic and fisher price my first console coding didn’t you ?

Phoenix Games Ahead of it’s Time

With a small elite team of 6 people specializing in licensing, marketing and publishing of value priced games, development and manufacturing are bundled through outsourcing and collaboration. This approach suppresses our fixed costs and enables a revolutionary low price strategy.
We boast the shortest time required from development to product release in the industry. Ordinarily the average development period for a game is 18 months, whereas Phoenix need a mere 3-5 months. With integrated standards in production and packaging it is now possible to realize low costs through stabilization of variable costs and suppression of fixed costs. In the case of fixed costs we are suppressing development costs per product unit by maximizing the sales volume through a low cost strategy and also both diminishing advertising and promotional costs and maximizing operating profits by securing a dependable fan base through an identifying packaging of a series.

  1. With long-term strategic partners based all over the world, Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V. is perfectly situated to be able to recognise and effectively work with the challenges of price policy, competition, languages, region accessibility and most importantly, to ensure a profitable relationship with its distribution partners.

Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V. has become the leading European publisher for Value Priced Games. To this end Phoenix has adopted for PS2, PSOne & PC formats, a completely different approach to product publishing and distribution. Phoenix aim is to bring quality product to the market at remarkable prices, thus maximising sales for the developers.

PSOne: £6.99
PS2: £7.99 – £8.99 – £12.99

The complete collection of premium budget product on these fast moving formats will be successfully sold through the many thousands of retail outlets offering quick turnover consumer goods where the general public does its everyday convenience shopping. Such as 24 hour stores, Newsagents, Garage Shops etc. marketing the ranges through these diverse outlets means they will get high exposure and this will result in high sales levels. Although the ranges will be sold at low retail prices of £6.99, £7.99, £8.99 and £12.99 respectively, they will not be short on quality. The retail price points are incredibly competitive considering the quality of the content. This, together with eye catching packaging represents exceptional value for money.

All product packaging and manuals will be available in 6 different languages : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, a further feature to ensure international success.

PC CD Rom Budget Range

Potential sales volume of software at this price point justifies the launch of this ground breaking product range. Never before has a large selection of PC CD-ROMs for Windows XP and 2000 been available at such a low price. Studies show that the PC games market is now sufficiently mature to make this kind of budget range commercially viable and Phoenix has been rapidly acquiring quality content to include in this range. Phoenix is leading the way with budget products for the newer XP and W2000 systems.

The complete collection of premium budget product on these fast moving formats will be successfully sold through the many thousands of retail outlets offering quick turnover consumer goods where the general public does its everyday convenience shopping. Such as 24 hour stores, Newsagents, Garage Shops etc. marketing the ranges through these diverse outlets means they will get high exposure and this will result in high sales levels. Although the ranges will be sold at a low retail prices of £ 7.99 and £ 12.99 respectively, they will not be short on quality. The retail price points are incredibly competitive considering the quality of the content. This, together with eye catching packaging represents exceptional value for money.

How does Phoenix do it ?

Software Publishers are committing ever greater resources to an ever diminishing number of product releases. In commercial terms it is seem to be more prudent to invest money in the next Tomb Raider sequel than it is to invest in some new and speculative venture. Major corporations are solely geared to money making and sometimes lose grip of the nature of the creative enterprise in which they are engaged. The creators of original products are usually independent development companies that have a creative dream. Commercial success is important, but the product comes first and developers live or die by the quality of the product they create. More and more, the smaller developers are being taken over by large companies and there tends to be a vacuum between people who want to get involved in the games industry and people working on commercial products. The smaller developers have less chance to get their original new product to the market. This is the main strategy adopted by Phoenix, to give the smaller publishers their opportunity to launch their products at retail, with a high degree of success already assured.


Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V.
De Pinckart 46G
5674 CC Nuenen
The Netherlands
Tel:  31 (0)40 3681005
Fax:  31 (0)40 2233448


List of Phoenix Games

Including SKU and release year

TitleSerial No.Release YearUK SKU
5 Star Racing SLES-0406420038717249591078
7 Shoot GamesSLES-0417620048717249596301
All Star ActionSLES-04107
All Star WatersportsSLES-04060
Animal FootballSLES-0407120038717249592006
Atlantis the Lost ContinentSLES-0406620038717249591139
Block BusterSLES-0406720038717249591191
Checkmate IISLES-0405320038717249590231
Cindy’s Caribbean HolidaySLES-0414820038717249593676
Cindy’s Fashion WorldSLES-0414720038717249593614
Dalmatians 2SLES-0406120038717249590590
Destructo 2SLES-0407320038717249591788
Detective MouseSLES-0413020038717249593263
Flying SquadronSLES-0415620038717249594062
Football MadnessSLES-0404720038717249590293
Hot ShotSLES-0405020038717249590354
Jet AceSLES-0412520048717249592525
King of Bowling 3SLES-0404920038717249591641
Legend of MulanSLES-0414520038717249593492
Lion and the King 2SLES-0406520038717249592150
Omega AsaultSLES-0405120048717249591313
Paradise CasinoSLES-0404820038717249590163
Pro BackgammonSLES-0405220038717249590415
Rhythm BeatSLES-0414620048717249593737
Robin Hood the SiegeSLES-0411020048717249593058
Robo Pit 2SLES-0405420038717249590477
Silent IronSLES-0415720048717249594123
Sonic WingsSLES-0410220048717249592235
Space RiderSLES-0412620048717249593126
Superbike MastersSLES-0415420038717249593799
Truck RallySLES-0412820048717249593331

Title5 Star Racing
Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal. You are sitting behind the steering wheel of the world's most powerful vehicles as they crush, splatter, jump and roll their way to victory. Be weary, don't get worried over a few spins and screeches, because there are always thrills and spills just waiting for you around each corner. Race like you never raced before and watch out for your opponents as they want to win as much as you do.

Interesting Fact : The original title was 7 Star Racing but they must have felt that was pushing a little too far.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591078
German sku 8717249591085
French sku 8717249591092
Italian sku 8717249591108
Portuguese sku 8717249591115
Spanish sku 8717249591122

TitleAll Star Action
Test your strength in fast races and sporting events. The ultimate in fun for you and your friends. Enthralling, intoxicating, action-packed suspense!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592594

TitleAll Star Watersports
All Star Watersports lets you ‘Ride-the-Barrel’ through the most realistic waves yet seen on PlayStation. Grab a surfboard, bodyboard, windsurfer or jet watercraft and carve up some of the most awesome surfing beaches along the coast. Play with the seagulls and dolphins as you master the skills required for each sport including barrel riding the surfboard, jibing the windsurfer, jumping the jet watercraft and spinning the bodyboard. You can compete against the computer, or up to four players can compete in contests including ‘Beach Competition’, ‘Big Air Contests’ and ‘Extreme Trick’.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591542
German sku 8717249591559
French sku 8717249591566
Italian sku 8717249591573
Portuguese sku 8717249591580
Spanish sku 8717249591597
Australian sku 8717249591634

TitleAnimal Football
The preparations for the most exciting happening of the year are well on there way. The biggest football match of all times is going to start. FC Wild Dogs has been challenged by SV Lion Rocks. The coaches of both teams are still thinking about the final line-up. Today is the day, the match is going to start.... who will win !!!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592006
German sku 8717249592013
French sku 8717249592020
Italian sku 8717249592037
Portuguese sku 8717249592044
Spanish sku 8717249592051
Australian sku 8717249592068

TitleAtlantis the lost Continent
Fisherman’s son Rodrigo finds on the beach a very special letter in a bottle. With the help from his Grandfather they quickly discover that it tells them how to find “The Lost City of Atlantis”. “People have been searching for Atlantis for centuries without any success”, said Grandfather excitedly. Rodrigo, his dog Uzo and his Grandfather set off to find the lost city...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591139
German sku 8717249591146
French sku 8717249591153
Italian sku 8717249591160
Portuguese sku 8717249591177
Spanish sku 8717249591184

Breed your Baldies, build your dwellings, create your weapons and inventions, and wipe out all other enemy teams. Achieve World domination over the Hairies. Welcome to the amazing worlds of Baldies, where our follically challenged little friends engage in hilarious acts of warfare with the evil Haries. With a skilled team of Workers, Builders, Soldiers and Scientists; Baldies scatter the land with their towns, forests, science labs and barracks, not to mention mine fields and cannons. Whether you play on the icy terrain of Alaska or the arid deserts of Egypt, the challenge remains the same: shepherd your flocks to Baldy Domination!!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591016
German sku 8717249591023
French sku 8717249591030
Italian sku 8717249591047
Portuguese sku 8717249591054
Spanish sku 8717249591061

If you think being a king is a funny job, you have another thing coming. Right, nowadays, it's something really hot. Money, speedy cars and boats and the hottest girls ever at your side. But those days, in times of castles, knights and all, every day was a now or never. Ballerburg takes you back in time with a story filled with humour, fortresses, queens, guns and intrigue. Experience a battle through the eyes of a general, as your queen has ordered you to get rid of her hated sisters. This game is for strategists who want action, and for action fans who want more in-depth play.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590002

TitleBlock Buster
Block Buster is back, and better than ever! Bringing a horde of new systems, including the powerful “Squash Ball” and “Wall Shake”. 2 players can go head-to-head. Steal your opponent’s ball and carve out your name with it! New Levels bring life into this famous old arcade classic.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591191
German sku 8717249591207
French sku 8717249591214
Italian sku 8717249591221
Portuguese sku 8717249591238
Spanish sku 8717249591245
Australian sku 8717249592075

The ultimate brain teaser puzzle game. Easy to learn, but very tough to master. Action puzzles with puzzling actions. Addictive and challenging gameplay. Crush them before they crush you! A mind-bending 100 levels to clear. Multiplayer mode for upto 4 players. Buttsubushi offers a real challenge even to the most experienced puzzle fan.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592082
German sku 8717249592099
French sku 8717249592105
Italian sku 8717249592112
Portuguese sku 8717249592129
Spanish sku 8717249592136
Australian sku 8717249592143

TitleCheckmate II
12 challengers await you, from the Beginner to the Expert. Each with varying strengths; select the opponent who will give you the best challenge! Select from 12 levels of difficulty and 5 Game Modes. A normal “Free Battle”, “2 Player Match” and then “Tournament”.
EAN Codes :English 8717249590231
German 8717249590248
French 8717249590255
Italian 8717249590262
Portuguese 8717249590279
Spanish 8717249590286

TitleCindy’s Caribbean Holiday
Three great friends Cindy, Kate, and Diana want to have a fun holiday and have some exciting adventures, so they decide to go on holiday to the Caribbean. They pack their bags and set off. There are 5 games to play. You will get the chance to pack their bags for a great holiday, dress the girls to go to the beach, decorate their room, look for cute little rabbits that are hiding in the jungle, and gather delicious fruits. You can also complete 10 pictures. There is also 4 cool tests to play. Find out more about yourself and your friends. But this is not all!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593676
French sku 8717249593683
Italian sku 8717249593690
Portuguese sku 8717249593706
Spanish sku 8717249593713
Australian sku 8717249593720
French sku 8717249594901 (including French screen text)

TitleCindy’s Fashion World
Cindy, Kate, and Diana are cool, stylish girls, and great friends. They decide to go shopping and have fun. As they are going to a party in the evening they have to look absolutely gorgeous. There are 5 games to play. You will get a chance to dress the girls in cool clothes, do their hair and makeup, go shopping, go to a café, and groom their cute pets. There is also 4 cool tests to play as you find out more about yourself and your friends. But this is not all! There are also 8 pictures to colour according to your taste!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593614
French sku 8717249593621
Italian sku 8717249593638
Portuguese sku 8717249593645
Spanish sku 8717249593652
Australian sku 8717249593669
French sku 8717249594895 (including French screen text)

TitleDalmatians 2
The Dalmatians old lady loves cookies, but they have no money to pay for them, so they decide to steal them. The vendor catches them and calls for the police who then takes them away to the police pound. “You will never come out of there”, says Butch, the bulldog. Oh yes, we will, says Kruimel. I have got an idea...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590590
German sku 8717249590606
French sku 8717249590613
Italian sku 8717249590620
Portuguese sku 8717249590637
Spanish sku 8717249590644
Australian sku 8717249591863

TitleDestructo 2
A new puzzle sensation that will keep you hooked! Can you resist the constant onslaught of blocks? Gather four or more blocks of the same colour, and smash them apart with a mighty punch! Enjoy the various game modes and employ the effects of various items to aim for huge combinations to rack up a monster score!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591788
German sku 8717249591795
French sku 8717249591801
Italian sku 8717249591818
Portuguese sku 8717249591825
Spanish sku 8717249591832
Australian sku 8717249591849

TitleDetective Mouse
The cheese store has been robbed. This is a case for Agent Chester. Everything points in the direction of the Rocky Roquefort gang. Max and Sophie have seen Agent Chester at the crimescene and are now on their way home when they see tracks of Rocky Roquefort. Should they report this to Agent Chester......
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593263
German sku 8717249593270
French sku 8717249593287
Italian sku 8717249593294
Portuguese sku 8717249593300
Spanish sku 8717249593317
Australian sku 8717249593324

The Dinosaur baby could wait no longer and stepped out from the broken egg. “Its a boy”, the lucky father screamed. After a few days the young dinosaur got lost, and while he was lost an earthquake took place and the volcano erupted. When the young dinosaur arrived home only ash and lava was left and there was no trace of his family. I have to find my family the young dinosaur cried...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591252
German sku 8717249591269
French sku 8717249591276
Italian sku 8717249591283
Portuguese sku 8717249591290
Spanish sku 8717249591306
Australian sku 8717249591856

TitleFlying Squadron
As an Elite member of the Flying Squadron your mission is to fight your way through the 13 action packed levels. Use the advanced weapon systems to destroy enemy aircraft. To avoid enemy fire and complete your mission you will need courage, cunning and quick reactions...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249594062
French sku 8717249594079
Italian sku 8717249594086
Portuguese sku 8717249594093
Spanish sku 8717249594109
Australian sku 8717249594116

TitleFootball Madness
Feel the passion and tension of the big match atmosphere. You can even resort to dirty tactics!!! Crunching tackles and aggressive barges are all fair play in this game.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590293
German sku 8717249590309
French sku 8717249590316
Italian sku 8717249590323
Portuguese sku 8717249590330
Spanish sku 8717249590347
Australian sku 8717249591870

Herkules the worlds strongest and most courageous man has fallen in love with Deianeira. In the past Herkules has had fights with the bravest men but never for the love of a women. Wil Herkules be able to defeat his enemy Heras so that he can win the love of his beloved Deianeira?
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590651
German sku 8717249590668
French sku 8717249590675
Italian sku 8717249590682
Portuguese sku 8717249590699
Spanish sku 8717249590705
Australian sku 8717249592518

TitleHot Shot
Dangerous prisoners have escaped from a top security prison. Your mission is to stop them. Chase them through 20 levels of increasing difficulty, but watch out the prisoners have taken charge of an abandoned military facility and are waiting for you...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590354
German sku 8717249590361
French sku 8717249590378
Italian sku 8717249590385
Portuguese sku 8717249590392
Spanish sku 8717249590408

TitleJet Ace
Blitz your way through 13 fast paced challenging missions as you try to destroy and out manoeuvre the enemy. You will need cunning and fast reactions to avoid the gunfire and missile attacks as you mount a daring counter attack.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592525
German sku 8717249592532
French sku 8717249592549
Italian sku 8717249592556
Portuguese sku 8717249592563
Spanish sku 8717249592570
Australian sku 8717249592587

TitleKing of Bowling 3
Learn to control the path of your ball applying just the right amount of force and spin to knock down everyone ofthose pins so you can yell... Strike! Play the extra challenges in the Quest Mode. Aim for the Perfect Game in your quest to become the World Champion.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591641
German sku 8717249591658
French sku 8717249591665
Italian sku 8717249591672
Portuguese sku 8717249591689
Spanish sku 8717249591696
Australian sku 8717249591702

TitleLegend of Mulan
Mulan is a young girl from a family of famous warriors. A large scale war rages in China and Mulan chooses to join Khan and his troops instead of her father. The war lasts for 12 years and finally Mulan is captured and she is taken to the dungeons. Will she be able to escape...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593492
French sku 8717249593508
Italian sku 8717249593515
Portuguese sku 8717249593522
Spanish sku 8717249593539
Australian sku 8717249593546

TitleLion and the King 2
In the jungle everything is as usual. The old lion is a good and wise king, and the animals follow his advise. Only Robin the King’s little son doesn’t always listen. Robin wants to find the treasure of the Black Panther but his father has forbidden him to look for it. Keno the son of the Black Panther wants to find the treasure as well. Robin and Keno start out as enemies but end up as best friends.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592150
German sku 8717249592167
French sku 8717249592174
Italian sku 8717249592181
Portuguese sku 8717249592198
Spanish sku 8717249592204
Australian sku 8717249592211

TitleOmega Assault
Guide your hero through 12 exciting missions using your skills to battle a new generation of Robots. Avoid the enemy fire, shoot them with your laser guns and blast them with your electro-magnetic bombs. Do you think it will be easy? Ok ace, get ready for take off...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591313
German sku 8717249591320
French sku 8717249591337
Italian sku 8717249591344
Portuguese sku 8717249591351
Spanish sku 8717249591368
Australian sku 8717249592228

TitleParadise Casino
Paradise Casino brings the excitement and entertainment of Las Vegas to your home with 4 very addictive gambling games (Black Jack, Roulette, Slot Machines and Super Poker). Learn and practice the most popular casino games at your own pace without risk.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590163
German sku 8717249590170
French sku 8717249590187
Italian sku 8717249590194
Portuguese sku 8717249590200
Spanish sku 8717249590217

TitlePro Backgammon
Each game offers a different challenge, and depends on both strategy and luck. A tutorial mode that allows beginners to learn about the movement of the pieces and other rules. With 7 levels of difficulty, caters for beginner to professional! A variety of game modes, including “Tournament”, “Free For All” and “2 Player”.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590415
German sku 8717249590422
French sku 8717249590439
Italian sku 8717249590446
Portuguese sku 8717249590453
Spanish sku 8717249590460

TitleRhythm Beat
Keep in time with the music and follow the on screen arrows as you groove to the beat. Challenging dance routines make it a fun way to improve your dance skills and a great way to keep fit. Use either a controller or a special dance mat accessory (available seperately). 1 or 2 player mode available.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593737
French sku 8717249593744
Italian sku 8717249593751
Portuguese sku 8717249593768
Spanish sku 8717249593775
Australian sku 8717249593782

TitleRobin Hood the Siege
Saxons are living under the cruel domination of Normans who burn and destroy their towns and villages. Robin Hood together with a group of free archers hides in Sherwood Forest and begins his fight for justice...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593058
German sku 8717249593065
French sku 8717249593072
Italian sku 8717249593089
Portuguese sku 8717249593096
Spanish sku 8717249593102
Australian sku 8717249593119

TitleRobo Pit 2
A new battle awaits you and your customized original robot! With 146 different parts and 72 colours, you are free to customize and co-ordinate as you please. Employ the attachment ball support mechanism. You can also use the booster to fly! Combination and special attacks at your command!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590477
German sku 8717249590484
French sku 8717249590491
Italian sku 8717249590507
Portuguese sku 8717249590514
Spanish sku 8717249590521

A new type of falling puzzle game, where both the number and the colour of the blocks play a part! 2 player headto-head play! Rain blocks upon your opponent! A truly mind-bending puzzle game, to challenge both your wits and your reflexes!
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590538
German sku 8717249590545
French sku 8717249590552
Italian sku 8717249590569
Portuguese sku 8717249590576
Spanish sku 8717249590583

TitleSilent Iron
Your mission is to destroy the enemy robots and save the world. Equiped with highly advanced weapons you will need to use all your skill and cunning to make it through the 13 action packed levels.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249594123
French sku 8717249594130
Italian sku 8717249594147
Portuguese sku 8717249594154
Spanish sku 8717249594161
Australian sku 8717249594178

TitleSonic Wings
Retro classic action as you battle your way to fame and glory in this high-energy, fast paced arcade game.
Impressive visuals and addictive play will appeal to both the novice and experienced gamer.
• 10 different Sonic characters and 20 combat planes
• 18 explosive stages with 70 different endings
• Single and Multiplayer modes
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249592235
German sku 8717249592457
French sku 8717249592464
Italian sku 8717249592471
Portuguese sku 8717249592488
Spanish sku 8717249592495
Australian sku 8717249592501

TitleSpace Rider
Blast your way through 13 fast paced challenging sectors in the K78G system as you try to destroy and out manoeuvre the hostile space ships. You will need cunning and fast reactions to avoid the enemies lasers and missile attacks as you mount your daring attack.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593126
German sku 8717249593133
French sku 8717249593140
Italian sku 8717249593157
Portuguese sku 8717249593164
Spanish sku 8717249593171
Australian sku 8717249593188

TitleSuperbike Masters
Experience the full on thrills and spills of a high-speed Superbike competition. Speed through chicanes, skid around corners as you race for the chequered flag.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593799
French sku 8717249593805
Italian sku 8717249593812
Portuguese sku 8717249593829
Spanish sku 8717249593836
Australian sku 8717249593843

It is a little boys birthday and all the toys are worried that he will receive a new toy that he will like much more than the other toys. When the boy comes home from school he receives his gift, it is a new doll - Pino. One of the old toys thinks that the boy no longer likes him and runs away during the night. In the morning the other toys go out to look for him.....will they be reunited?
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593195
German sku 8717249593201
French sku 8717249593218
Italian sku 8717249593225
Portuguese sku 8717249593232
Spanish sku 8717249593249
Australian sku 8717249593256

The ultimate Pool Game - 14 Different Styles of Pool & 5 levels of difficulty. Eight Ball - Nine Ball - Rotation - 14.1 Continuous - 10 Pin Pool Cut Throat - Tree Ball - Poker - Pocket Game - Three Balls - Four Balls - Pocket Carom - Equal Offence - Three Cushions
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249590712
German sku 8717249590729
French sku 8717249590736
Italian sku 8717249590743
Portuguese sku 8717249590750
Spanish sku 8717249590767
Australian sku 8717249591627

TitleTruck Rally
Experience the awesome power of Super Truck racing as you compete in the ultimate Truck Rally Race. Can you keep control as you test yourself over a variety of tough circuits at high speeds.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249593331
German sku 8717249593348
French sku 8717249593355
Italian sku 8717249593362
Portuguese sku 8717249593379
Spanish sku 8717249593386
Australian sku 8717249593393

The once peaceful town of Dodge has been overrun by the James gang. Banks have been robbed and anyone getting in the way has been shot. You must use all your cunning, courage and sharp shooting skills to rid the town of these dangerous outlaws.
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249594185
French sku 8717249594192
Italian sku 8717249594208
Portuguese sku 8717249594215
Spanish sku 8717249594222
Australian sku 8717249594239

TitleWinky the Little Bear
There is a storm in the forest. The wind is so strong that it gets under Teddy and Mi’s umbrella and they take off into the air. Eventually they are blown into a big tree and are stuck in very high branches. All their friends in the forest come to see what has happened. Which friend will rescue them? What other surprises are waiting for them...
EAN Codes :English sku 8717249591719
German sku 8717249591726
French sku 8717249591733
Italian sku 8717249591740
Portuguese sku 8717249591757
Spanish sku 8717249591764
Australian sku 8717249591771

That is all the information I can find about Phoenix releases for PS1.  However there is one title in the image gallery below that suggests that there was a release titled Kids Playground schedule. This was never released so lets wonder what amazing game we missed out on from the masters of cheap PlayStation games.

Cover Art for Original PlayStation (PS1) titles released by Phoenix Games

Finally and because anyone reading this will know its true. Here’s a quick video interview with the staff at Phoenix Games.

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