Namco neGcon Controller


Manufacturer: Namco
Product Number:  SLEH-00003
Contents: 1 x Namco neGcon Controller SLEH 00003

The NeGcon, stylized as neGcon, is a motion-based video game controller manufactured in 1995 by Namco for the PlayStation. One of the first third-party peripherals for the system, the controller is connected by a swivel joint, allowing the player to twist the halves relative to each other; the controller also replaces the “symbol” buttons on the original PlayStation controller with two “A” and “B” buttons, as well as “I” and “II” buttons that allowed for analogue control. A black variant was released exclusively in Japan.

The NeGcon was created to replicate the analog-stick movement used in the arcade game Cyber Sled (1993); the name comes from the Japanese word “nejiru”, meaning “to twist”; the controller was intended for use in racing games, including Ridge Racer, Gran Turismo and Wipeout. Critical reception for the NeGcon was highly positive, being praised for its responsive control in games and unique design.

Compatibiliy List

Title Comments
Ace Combat
Ace Combat 2
Ace Combat 3
Advan Racing
Andretti Racing
Aquanauts Holiday No twist support
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux
Auto Destruct
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel
Burning Road
C1 Circuit
Choro Q 2
Choro Q 3
Circuit Beat
Colin McRae Rally
Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Cool Boarders 2
Crash Team Racing
Dakar 97
Destruction Derby
Destruction Derby 2
Destruction Derby Raw
Die Hard Trilogy Supports twist function, amazingly enough.
Explosive Racing aka. X.Racing
Extreme 500 aka. Suzuki Alstare Challenge
Felony 11-79/Runabout
Ford Racing
Formula 1
Formula 1 98
Formula Circus
Formula Karts Special Edition
Formula Nippon 99
Formula One 99
Formula One 2000
Formula One 2001
Galaxian 3
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 2
Grand Tour Racing 98
GT Kai: All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship
GT Max Rev
Hashiriya Ookamitachi No Densetsu
Hyper Rally
Initial D
Italian Job
JGTC – All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship
J.League Soccer Prime Goal EX
Js Racin
Jupiter Strike Lack of twist support causes issues, according to reports
Kattobi Tune
Max Power Racing aka. C3 Racing
Meisha Retsuden – Greatest 70s
Mille Miglia
Moto Racer
Motor Toon Grand Prix
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 aka. Motor Toon Grand Prix in US
Mr. Driller Works a little, but necessary button functions are missing.
Namco Mahjong – Sparrow Garden
Namco Museum 1 Twist support in Pole Position only, all games fully playable.
Namco Museum 2
Namco Museum 3 Twist support in Pole Position II only, all games fully playable.
Namco Museum 4
Namco Museum 5
Naniwa Wangan Battle
Nascar 2000
Nascar Racing
Need For Speed
Need For Speed 2
Need For Speed 3 – Hot Pursuit
No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking
Option Tuning Car Battle 2
Porsche Challenge
Race Drivin Go Go
Rage Racer
Rally Cross
Rally Cross 2 Fully playable, but track editor might not be 100% usable with Negcon.
Rally De Africa
Rally De Europe
Ray Tracers
RC de Go!
Red Asphalt aka. Rock n Roll Racing 2
Ridge Racer
Ridge Racer Revolution
Ridge Racer Turbo/Hi-Spec Not compatible with Interact V3.
Ridge Racer Type 4 Not compatible with Interact V3.
Rollcage Stage II
Runabout 2
Rush Hour aka. BattleRound USA aka. Speedster
San Francisco Rush Save menu not fully compatible, otherwise fine
Shutokou Battle R
Side-by-Side Special 2000 Did not seem to work correctly when run on a PS2. Works extremely well on a PS1.
Smash Court
Soul Edge
Speed King
Starblade Alpha No twist support
Street Scooters
Studio P
Tekken 2 Believed to be supported, as it is listed on the back of the box. Twist support unknown.
Tekken 3 Believed to be supported. Twist support unknown.
Tempest X3
Test Drive 4
Test Drive Le Mans aka. Le Mans 24 Hours
TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4×4
TOCA Championship Racing aka. TOCA Touring Car Championship
TOCA 2 – Touring Car Challenge aka. TOCA 2 – Touring Cars
TOCA World Touring Cars aka. Jarrett and Labonte Stock Car Racing aka. WTC – World Touring Championship
Tokyo Highway Battle Recognized, but twist and L button not supported. Not enough buttons for all functions.
Tommi Mäkinen Rally
Touge Max
Touge Max G
Toyota Netz Racing
Twisted Metal Recognized in menus, but game cannot be properly configured for the Negcon.
Vehicle Cavalier
V-Rally 2 Track editor might not be fully operable with Negcon. Not compatible with Interact V3.
VR Sports Powerboat Racing
Wangan Trial
Wipeout 2097/XL
Wipeout 3
World Stadium 2
World Stadium EX
Wreckin Crew
Xevious 3D/G+ Actually supports the twist function in 3D/G.


List compiled by David Briten over at with the help of dedicated members of the PlayStation Community.

Many thanks to them all for compiling this helpful list

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