Medievil 2 Press Kit

Medievil 2 Press Kit featuring Sir Daniel Fortesque

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Well this was an unexpected find whilst reading a random post on one of the plethora of gaming groups on facebook.  Whilst doing the daily scroll through the  posts and expecting nothing of interest to pop up this appeared in my newsfeed previously posted by a fellow member of one of the groups I follow. Just a post mentioning that someone was after information regarding a press kit with a screenshot of the post from another group I was not a member of (Typical) but it did have the guys name that was after information.  I contacted the guy asking if it was for sale, offered up some information about the press kit and then made my offer.  Drove to Portland Dorset; met the seller Jon and asked where he got it from and what it cost him (Only £3 in a random house clearance sale of all things, Jammy Bugger), handed over a fistful of ££££’s and well here we are now.

The Medievil 2 press kit is one of the largest Press Kits I own and it commands quite a position on the collection shelving.  It is in a book type format that folds out to reveal images, text, a release information foldout and a velvet bag containing original both the Medievil 2 Game disc & Press CD.  On the whole it’s pretty bloody marvellous and a welcome addition to the collection but for now as Sir Daniel Fortesque himself would say “Get on with it!


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SCEE Cambridge Studio
Product Number:  SCES-02544

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

19TH CENTURY LONDON is held in the grasp of the satanic Lord Palethorn, who has shook the dead from their graves and unleashed a menagerie of slavering demons on to the streets. Join Sir Daniel Fortesque on his quest to vanquish the forces of evil once more in an adventure that will have you laughing with mirth and shaking with fear… 

  • Battle dinosaurs, gargoyles, deranged killers and other hysterical, historical horrors!
  • Collect a huge arsenal of weapons; broadswords, axes, crossbows, pistols and more! 
  • Solve fiendish puzzles and use “Dan Hand” mode to explore hidden areas with Dan’s detachable skull!!! 
  • Race through time in this glorious return of the “Laughing Dead”. 
Overview: Medievil 2 – This Overview is directly from the Press CD included in this Press Kit

MediEvil : Background

It began during the darkest age in history in a land long forgotten. Lord Zarok, an evil demonic sorcerer attempted to conquer the legendary land of Gallowmere, casting the Spell of Eternal Darkness to raise an army of the dead to rule the land. Zarok unwittingly awoke a long-dead adversary, Sir Daniel Fortesque.

After the epic battle of MediEvil 1, Sir Dan managed to defeat the evil Zarok in a final confrontation that saw the sorcerer killed within his collapsing castle, and his spell book seemingly lost forever in the mists of time…

MediEvil 2 : Plotline

500 years later

London 1888 and the Victorian age is in full swing as new industries forge wealth throughout the empire. All seems content but for one man; the infamous Lord Palethorn (arch-criminal, evil magician and high society wannabe) who has set his sights considerably higher…

Palethorn uncovers some pages from Zarok’s spell book, and realising the power he possesses, he unleashes the Spell of Eternal Darkness raising an army of the undead to take over London… and from there, the World!

However, Palethorn has not accounted for two things:

Firstly, he needs the final pages of the spell book to fully control the monsters he has spawned, and secondly, as the spell rips through the city, it has again awoken our legendary hero Sir Daniel Fortesque.

The stage is set of another classic battle between good and evil, as both sides pit their wits and cunning against each other in a race to find the final pages.

Overview :


London, 1 November 1999 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today unveiled plans for a sequel to the hugely successful MediEvil. Developed in-house at the Cambridge Studio, MediEvil has sold over 800k units world-wide.

Continuing the tradition of the original, MediEvil II has a cast of bizarrely believable characters and a totally engrossing storyline – a perfect blend of action, adventure and puzzle solving.

Sir Dan Fortesque has, once again, been resurrected from the dead – this time at the hands of arch-criminal and evil magician Lord Palethorne, who has discovered pages of Zarok’s ancient spell-book. Waking up as a dusty museum exhibit, the skeletal Sir Dan must travel through 17 free-roaming 3D levels, explore environments, fall in love and tackle many strange monsters before he can finally rest in peace.

Set in a twisted, gothic version of Victorian, London players travel familiar roads in their quest to locate and destroy the evil Lord Palethorne. From Kew Gardens to Greenwich Docks vile demons and strange other creatures will try to foil Sir Dan as he tries to save olde London Town.

Sir Dan pops up again later this year in a cameo appearance in the hugely addictive Everybody’s Golf 2.

With an arsenal of new weapons, moves, characters and enemies, MediEvil 2 will appeal to both novice players and fans of the original.

Simon Gardner, Studio Head of SCE Cambridge, is justifiably proud of his team’s achievements “We pride ourselves on our high production values and I believe we’ve managed to achieve a level of detail, graphical richness, and a depth of gameplay that few games can match.”

Chris Deering, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe added, “SCE Cambridge is a hotbed of creative talent and it is fantastic to be able to promote our homegrown development team.”

Developer: SCE Cambridge Genre: Action Adventure No. of Players: 1
Peripherals: DUALSHOCK Analog Controller, Memory Card

Press Kit Exclusives :

The contents of this fantastic book format press kit are a foldout leaflet featuring release information, press CD featuring a wealth of information and images, Velvet type bag to keep the game disc & Press CD nice and minty.

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