Konami Hyper Blaster Light Gun

Konami Hyper Blaster Light Gun Box Set.

Whilst Namco released the very popular G-CON45 it didn’t have the light gun market all to itself.  Konami released the Hyper Blaster and was its rival the G-CON45 (GunCon).  The Hyper Blasters origins however started on the previous generation console with a release for both Super Nintendo and Mega Drive as the Justifier.  The Konami Hyper Blaster is NOT compatible with games designed for the G-CON45 although Elemental Gearbolt foes feature dual compatibility.  Like the G-CON45 and other Light guns these are only compatible with CRT type TV’s.


Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Product Number:  SLEH-00005


(Quoted from Original box Rear) :

Arcade-quality shooting action at home!

Pick up the Hyperblaster and experience real arcade action on your PlayStation game console. Take aim at on-screen targets and blast away with deadly accuracy! Shooting games become faster, more furious and far more fun!

  • Officially licensed light gun for the PlayStation game console
  • High-quality, precise, easy to use and comfortable, with integrated trigger, Start Button and Auxiliary Button
  • This light gun is designed for use with most European (PAL) TV sets. It may not work with certain high-definition, LCD, projection TVs, etc. Refer to your TV manual for further information.


  • Area 51
  • Crypt Killer
  • Die Hard Trilogy
  • Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas
  • Elemental Gearbolt
  • Lethal Enforcers I & II (1997)
  • Maximum Force
  • Project: Horned Owl
  • Silent Hill (video game) (1999) (Used to unlock hidden weapon)

This boxset did NOT include any game and was released purely in a gun only format.

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