Disney’s Treasure Planet PRESS KIT

Disney’s Treasure Planet PRESS KIT

Disney's Treasure Planet

To be honest apart from the dual PS1/PS2 format of this Press Kit it’s quite a boring addition to the press kit collection.  Whilst it’s in a nice fold out format containing 4 discs on the whole it’s just a little meh!! Disney seemed to run  out of steam on this release and that’s kind of the same for the movie release too (Even though my Daughter & I love it).  

I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s so boring, perhaps it’s the colour scheme or the lack of effort where the contents of the Press Material are concerned but it just doesn’t spark much enthusiasm at all.  There is an enclosed making of DVD also but on the whole not as interesting as other Press Kits.

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Press Kit Contents

Treasure Planet Promo Only disc PS1, Press Materials disc, Making of Treasure Planet disc, Treasure Planet Promo disc PS2 & Foldout discholder plus slipcover.

The Press CD included in this Press Kit is pretty spartan with a selection of screenshots, ps2 game cover images & a single solitary press release text file.

Below is the 2002 Press Release text reproduced from the original text files on the Press Materials CD.

TP-PR-PS2 – Disney’s Treasure Planet PRESS KIT

Treasure Planet – PlayStation®2

November 2002 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Treasure Planet on PlayStation 2, the action adventure based on Disney’s forthcoming animated movie.

Treasure Planet brings Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson’s epic adventure of bloodthirsty pirates and buried treasure, not just right up-to-date, but into the future – a future in which the spaceship Legacy is over-run by mutinous pirates, led by the cyborg, John Silver.

A combination of platform exploration adventure and space flying game, Treasure Planet takes all the most exciting parts of the film and adds it’s own compelling storyline.  The game sees you controlling Jim Hawkins across a series of beautifully realised locations. You’ll explore derelict mines and caverns on far-off planets; investigate thriving spaceports; evade and fight enemies with a precision laser pistol and put yourself to the test among the many perils of space on your rocket powered surfboard, the high-speed Solar Surfer.

To help you, you’ll have Morph, John Silver’s own mimic pet, who can assume the form of just about any object he chooses – as long as it’s of similar size. Amassed against you are smugglers and space police, the mutinous and piratical crew of the Legacy, maintenance robots and even killer plants.

On your adventure, you’ll visit different and unique regions of the galaxy, including the dark and forbidding Montressor; the bustling spaceport, Crescentia; the Legacy spaceship and Treasure Planet itself. You’ll meet a host of characters from the film as you progress, including Dr Doppler, B.E.N. the robot and Captain Amelia, and the evil John Silver himself.

Aimed at the junior PlayStation 2 audience, Treasure Planet utilises the graphical and processing power of the hardware to provide an exciting experience, packed with movie quality sound and images. With exclusive clips from the film to punctuate the action, movie characters to help you, and with all the original voice talent, Treasure Planet is an exciting intergalactic adventure that promises to be just like being on Treasure Planet – and more! Can you evade John Silver and release the treasure?

Release Dates Across Europe

UK: February 2003

Elsewhere: November 2002

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Developer:  Disney Interactive/Bizarre Creations  Genre:  Platform Adventure  

No. of Players:  1   Platform: PlayStation 2  Peripherals:  Dual Shock®2 Analogue Controller, 8MB Memory card   Release Date:  Winter 2002

Game Information

(Just in case you’ve been under a rock for 20+ Years)

Title: Disney’s Treasure Planet
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Magenta Software Ltd
Product Number: SCES-03937

Treasure Planet is the adaptation of an animated Disney movie. The game follows the adventures of Jim Hawkins, a young boy on a quest to locate a mythical planet called Treasure Planet. To find the planet he needs to travel to many locations throughout the universe and complete tasks before he finds the ultimate prize. The tasks range from finding a certain number of items to catching runaway animals to flipping a series of switches. Completing the tasks lights a beacon, and when a set number of these beacons are lit, the next level is then available. 

Jim is also able to ask for help from his “pet,” Morph, to get him past areas that pose a challenge. Morph can change his shape into a helpful item like giant robotic arms or a jetpack. 

Another adaptation from the movie is solar surfing. During the surfing missions Jim pilots a futuristic surfboard to complete the mission objectives. 

Take to the great voids of space on a solar-powered galleon, under the watchful eye of the likable cyborg captain John Silver. Help Jim to discover a treasure more valuable than gold, as he travels on a journey that all young people must make — toward a true sense of self. 

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

 An intergalactic Treasure Hunt!

Join Jim Hawkins and his shape shifting pal, Morph sail through space to find the loot of a 1,000 worlds.

Captain your own stellar vehicles.

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