Disney’s Tarzan Combo Pack

Disney’s Tarzan Combo Pack including Black Playstation CD wallet.


Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Disney Interactive
Product Number: SCES01431

BOX DESCRIPTION from Original box Rear :

Join Tarzan and his friends on a thrilling, action-packed adventure. Swing on vines, ride through the jungle on an elephant’s back, tree-surf and develop skills and abilities that will allow you to confront and overcome the jungle’s most dangerous perils.

With artwork and video clips from Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, TARZAN takes you deep into the heart of the African jungle where the legend comes alive.

* Swim, swing and soar your way through exciting 3D levels
* Battle against challenging enemy characters like the ferocious leopard Sabor and the relentless hunter, Clayton.
* 16 levels of swinging, running, swimming, stampeding jungle action.
* Explore loads of sub-quests and bonus levels.
* Watch video clips of the movie as rewards for completing levels.
* Discover the fun and excitement of the jungle in an adventure of a lifetime!


The Disney’s Tarzan Combo Pack included a “Not to be sold separately” Disney’s Tarzan Game plus a Black PlayStation CD wallet to carry all your CD’s and memory cards. The front of the CD wallet features an embroidered PlayStation Logo. The external box is a wide format box with Disney’s Tarzan Artwork.

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