Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Trouble in Paradise/Stitch:Experiment 626 Press Kit

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Trouble in Paradise/Stitch:Experiment 626 Press Kit featuring the original PS1 Trouble in Paradise release & PS2 Stitch:Experiment 626


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Blitz Games/High Voltage Software
Product Number:  SCES-03871/SCES-50966

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

Welcome to beautiful Hawaii! Join Lilo and Stitch on an exciting journey through tropical paradise. All of Lilo’s friends are waiting to meet you, so come and say ‘Aloha’ to fun, adventure and a whole lot of hula hula!

  • Featuring movie clips from the new Disney Blockbuster, Lilo & Stitch
  • Play as your favourite character – each has their own special powers!
  • Explore Lilo’s village, Kauai Jungle, Canyon River and more!


Disney’s Lilo & Stitch : Trouble in Paradise Based on the animated film, Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise continues the adventures of Lilo and Stitch as they embark on a quest around the island. You must help Stitch avoid bounty hunters and help Lilo work her voodoo magic while scaring enemies. While up against a wide variety of enemies, ranging from a humble turtle to alien bounty hunters, Lilo and Stitch must cross various challenging landscapes and test their wits against moving platforms.

This is a 3D kids action-adventure based on the Disney animated movie. You take turns controlling Stitch, the cute alien experiment that can turn deadly, to avoid the bounty hunters looking for him and Lilo, the Hawaiian girl being raised by her older sister, to use her voodoo magic to scare enemies throughout levels in various parts of the island.

There are varied enemies, ranging from a turtle to man-eating plants to alien bounty hunters. There are three sections of five levels each and Lilo & Stitch must navigate various moving platforms. Both characters can run, jump and butt-stomp, along with some unique moves of their own. As they progress, 100 tokens and 4 special icons must be collected in each level as well as different power-ups, health and lives. The items will be found on the ground, in breakable pots or high in the air which require jumping around on platforms to get. There’s also a few mini-games like a timed race against an opponent. Hidden photos and movie clips are bonuses to be revealed between levels.

Disney’s Stitch : Experiment 626 is a basic platformer, with an environment for exploring, item finding and fighting enemies.

Throughout the game, Jumba gives advice to 626 through floating intercoms. When 626 loses health he can replenish it using “alien toes” which resemble chicken drumsticks. A rare but helpful item is a golden lightening bolt which gives 626 temporary invincibility. 626 will turn gold himself during this period.

626’s main weapons are plasma guns with fire power increasing as he finds more guns. He can carry up to four plasma guns at once. There are 2 special guns: a “Big Gun” that fires guided rockets which do massive damage and a Freeze Ray which coats enemies in ice. 626 can also lift and throw enemies and can slam into them when in the air.

626 has the ability to move at a high speed, making the world around him appear in slow motion. However, this ability is limited and players must collect floating timers for him to be able to use it. 626 is also capable of climbing walls covered in wires or vines.

Two additional gadgets appear in some levels: a Grapple gun which allows 626 to swing from branches and beams and a jet pack which can allow 626 limited flight time.

Like most platformers, the game includes collectibles that the player must find to progress throughout the game. The primary collectible is DNA strands which unlock new levels and bosses. Another collectible is movie reels which unlock scenes from the Lilo & Stitch film. Movie reels can either be floating in random areas or are obtained by chasing after flying robots called Squid bots. There are 900 DNA strands and 105 movie reels in total.

Press Kit Exclusives :

This Press Kit is an unusual dual format PS1/PS2 type which contains 3 discs in total.  One disc features Lilo & Stitch : Trouble in Paradise for original PlayStation.  The 2nd disc contains Stitch : Experiment 626 for PlayStation 2 with the 3rd disc featuring press information for both releases.  Further to the discs the whole package is contained in a dual sided slip cover that covers a multi page cd holder fold out and has postcards relating to both releases included.

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