Die Hard Trilogy Scorpion Light Gun Box Set

Die Hard Trilogy Scorpion Light Gun Box Set.

Whilst Namco released the very popular G-CON45 it didn’t have the light gun market all to itself.  Blaze released two Die Hard Trilogy Scorpion Light Gun Box Set’s to rival both the G-CON45 (GunCon) and Konami’s  Hyper Blasters.  Using a built in G-CON45 connector Blaze ensured that their Scorpion range of guns offered dual compatibilty. Like both the G-CON45 & Hyper Blasters these are only compatible with CRT type TV’s.

Die Hard Trilogy Light Gun Box Set’s were exclusive to the French Region and in total there was 2 versions released with Die Hard Trilogy: Viva Las Vegas being the second in the line of licensed boxsets.  These are quite difficult to find now and finding them in good external condition has been increasingly difficult.

These packs include a Scorpion Pistol, G-CON45 adapter, Instruction Manual and a copy of the game.


Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Probe
Product Number: SLES 00445
Blaze Scorpion Lightgun


(Quoted from Original box Rear) :

Original French: Trois aventures inoubliables, Un jeu explosif, Ce jeu d’arcade comporte les trois volets de la celebre tilogie Die Hard, Decouvrez trois jeux tres differents offrant plus de 45 niveaux, Tout ce que vous avez a faire, c’est tirer sur tout ce qui bouge! Piege de Cristal, 58 minutes pour vivre, Une journee en enfer.

English Translation: Three unforgettable adventures, An explosive game, This arcade game features the three components of the famous Die Hard trilogy, Discover three very different games offering more than 45 levels, All you have to do is shoot everything that moves! Piege de Cristal (French Die Hard Title), 58 minutes to live, A day in hell.

Game Description:

Players assume the role of disgruntled detective John McClane in this three-part action game. 

Die Hard is a third-person action game with an over-the-shoulder perspective. Those pesky terrorists have taken over the Nakatomi Plaza and rigged it with a series of bombs, and there are civilians located throughout the complex. Players will progress through 19 danger-filled levels with a main objective of disarming the bombs and killing any and all terrorists they encounter. 

On the other hand, Die Hard 2: Die Harder is a Virtua Cop-like on-rails shooter. As John arrives at Dulles International Airport to meet his wife, he realizes something is not right. A force of renegade terrorists has flown in from South America with one objective: rescue their drug-selling kingpin. The adventure takes players from New Annex to a snowy countryside, with the overall objective of destroying the terrorist’s escape plane. 

Finally, Hard With a Vengeance is a frantic test of driving abilities. Simon Gruber and his gang of terrorists have littered the city of Manhattan with bombs; while the police and bomb squads are out dismantling them, he’ll be executing a multi-billion dollar bank heist. 

Simon has called upon John McClane to find the bombs and save the city. Along with John’s new “friend” Zeus, players will race against the clock in a desperate attempt to dismantle the explosive devices. There are over 15 different vehicles that can be acquired including taxicabs, sports cars, and trucks. 

Overall The Die Hard Trilogy 2 Scorpion Light Gun Boxset is a very nice collectors piece should you find one in good condition.

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