Coolboarders 4 PRESS KIT

Coolboarders 4 PRESS KIT

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A very Cool cardboard boxed Press Kit straight from SCE España circa 2000.  Not sure if all copies of this were supplied with the letter from Alicia Sanz of SCE España but its a great addition to this press kit and adds just a little more to this copy in the collection.  This Press Kit was found via eBay via an online retailer that was a pleasure to deal with.  However it was far from complete and was missing the Press CD and the Beanie.  With help from 2 different people I was able to source the missing items and present this Press Kit in as complete a condition as possible.

Overall  very happy to add this to the collection and hope you enjoy the photos.

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Press Kit Contents

Coolboarders 4 Press Kit including a Press CD January 2000, Promo Only copy of Cool Boarders 4 , Coolboarders 4 Snowboarding beanie hat & PlayStation Newsletter dated February 2000 from SCE España.

The Press CD included in this Press Kit is another of those Jam Packed discs full of images, text files, logo’s, signature images etc that it’s impossible to list them all here. Yet another fascinating insight to merchandising in 1999. Also included is a radical Coolboarders 4 Snowboarding beanie hat and even a letter from Sony España.

Below is the 1999 Press Release text reproduced from the original text files on the Press CD.

121199C1 – COOL BOARDERS 4

London, November 1999 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce that Cool Boarders® 4, the latest addition to the biggest selling snowboarding franchise in Europe will be released for PAL Territories in February 2000. 

Continuing on from the immense success of Coolboarders 3 which has already sold close to 450,000 units, CoolBoarder’s 4 pushes the boundaries even further. .

With the involvement of 16 world-famous pro snowboarders, nine major snowboard manufacturers together with countless realistic manoeuvres and fast arcade-style gameplay, Cool Boarders 4 is setting the standard for real snowboarding action in a videogame.

In Cool Boarders 4, gamers can ride like the pros with the inclusion of more professional riders than any other snowboarding videogame on the market.  Gamers can emulate the moves of 16 snowboarding professionals, including Jim Rippey, Ross Powers and 13-year-old phenomenon Shaun White from Burton®, as well as J.P. Walker from Forum® and Michele Taggart from Salomon®.

“Each year, the Cool Boarders development team dramatically improves upon the previous installment.  This year, they’ll deliver the most intense and fun-playing arcade-style snowboarding videogame ever,” said Jeffrey Fox, Vice President, Marketing, 989 Studios.  “By involving numerous world-class riders in this year’s game, Cool Boarders 4 will be the best-playing snowboarding videogame to hit the PlayStation.  Game players, snowboarders and snowboarding enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with Cool Boarders 4’s incredibly realistic graphics, fast gameplay and all-new moves and features.”

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Developer:   Idol Minds L.L.C. Publisher:  989 Studios
Genre: Action Racing/Snowboarding, No. of Players: 1-2 Players (4 in Multi-player event)
Peripherals: DUALSHOCK analog controller, Memory Card

Game Information

(Just in case you’ve been under a rock for 20+ Years)

Title: Cool Boarders 4
Publisher: 989 Studios
Developer: Idol Minds
Product Number: SCES-02283

Cool Boarders 4 features 16 real-life professional snowboarders ranging from 13 year-old prodigy Shaun White to veterans such as Noah Salasnek and living-legend Jim Rippey. Players also have the ability to custom-create a rider by selecting a body, choosing brand name attire and gear, and customizing any available board to your liking. Players can choose among 34 boards from Burton, Forum, K2, MLY, M3, Salomon, Ride, Morrow and Santa Cruz. 

There are over 30 new courses spread out over five authentic mountains that are filled with steep cliffs, drops, jumps, rails and various obstacles. Cool Boarders 4 also features Dirty Hands by hard rock artist, Outer Circle. And the game is compatible with the Dual Shock Analog Controller and your choice of memory cards.After three top sellers, Cool Boarders is still the slickest competition on the slopes. 

Cool Boarders 4 features big names like Jim Rippey, Ross Powers, Michele Taggart, J.P. Walker, Andrew Crawford, Shaun White and others; big boards like Burton, Fourm, K2, MLY, M3, Salomon, Ride, Morrow, Santa Cruz; big mountains and big features; big customization; a big trickmaster mode; big events; a big multiplayer tournament mode; big tricks; and big brawls. 

Snowboarding simulation 
16 professional riders 
8 tricks new to the series 
5 challenging mountains, each with 5 events 
Multiplayer tournament mode 

Add eight new tricks (such as hand plants in the half pipe) and a complete build-a-rider mode (which allows you to create your own snowy superstar), and you’ve pretty much summed up the major differences between Cool Boarders 3 and Cool Boarders 4. 

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

You were born for this…

  • Shred powder with 16 top pro riders
  • Take on the best of the best in tournament play


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