Ape Escape Emerald Green Controller Boxset

Throughout the original PlayStation’s life cycle there were many Limited edition boxsets bundled with different peripheral such as Memory Cards, Multi Taps, Controllers and more.   These Limited Edition boxsets were whole released in a large oversized cardboard box format and included a copy of a game and an additional peripheral.  This is the highly desirable and very difficult to find Ape Escape Emerald Green Controller Boxset featuring Ape Escape and an Emerald Green Dual Shock Controller in a stunning large sized boxset.

Ape Escape

Ape Escape was the first 3D platform action adventure game to be designed exclusively for use with the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK)!

The story so far….

The Professor has worked for many years to discover the secret of Time Travel and now he is close to achieving his goal with his latest invention – The Time Station. Two boys, Spike and Buzz, come to visit the Professor in the hope that he’ll let them be the first ever Time Travellers, but when they arrive at his laboratory they find him and his granddaughter Katie tied up and the room filled with hundreds of monkeys on the rampage.

Some time earlier, a monkey called Specter escaped from the zoo and stumbled across another of the Professor’s old inventions, the ‘Peak Point Helmet’. It’s a device used to harness the mind and increases its capacity – in short, it makes the wearer really intelligent. This might have been okay for a human, but used on a monkey it proved disastrous, changing Specter from a sweet mischievous animal to a power-mad monster who has set his mind on ruling the world. The first thing Specter did was release all the other monkeys, then he and his ape army lay siege to the Professor’s laboratory, tying up him and Katie.

Spike and Buzz arrive just as Specter’s monkeys follow him into the Time Station. The two boys get caught in the blast from the Time Station and are dragged into the Time Vortex. Eventually, the Professor and Katie struggle free and manage to trace Spike – he’s trapped in the Prehistoric era!

If Specter and his monkeys aren’t stopped, the monkeys will make themselves the dominant species and history will be changed forever. Alone and a million years away from home, Spike must help the Professor capture all the monkeys and stop Specter from taking over the World…

Key Features:

• The first game ever to be designed solely for the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) – use the left stick to control the character’s movement and the right stick to operate all of his gadgets and weapons. Press down on the sticks to crawl towards targets or dive deep into the sea!

• 20+ complete 3D levels (across 8 Worlds) set in a variety of environments throughout time: prehistoric jungles, snowy pistes, fairgrounds, tropical beaches, caves, futuristic and more!

• Training rooms help players learn how to use each of the Professor’s unique inventions to their best advantage

• Hoards of madcap monkey animations: watch them run amok, dance, operate machinery, even relax with Tai Chi! Each monkey has its own individual name, personality and skill levels – some are slow and stupid, some alert and able to make a quick get-away!

• 3 bonus Mini Games including 2-player games and loads of secret levels.

• Tonnes of gadgets and tools to collect throughout the game: slingshot, hula-hoop, monkey-net, underwater propulsion unit, sky-flying propeller, radio-controlled car, monkey radar, tank, and rowing boat – all designed to maximise the versatility of the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK).

• Highly intuitive control system suitable for first-time players and children as well as advanced gamers.

• Superb implementation of the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK)’s vibration function, drawing players into a fully-realised new Universe.

• Success on each level is achieved through the completion of both immediate and long-term goals. Players can work their way through the game to collect all their gadgets and then travel back to fully-complete each level.

• Games localised into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Since release these Limited Edition Large Format Boxsets have become increasingly difficult to source and are now very sought after and collectable. Finding them in good condition is even more challenging so huge thanks to the amazing eBay seller that made sure this reached us in great condition.


Ape Escape + Controller 

Limited Edition Emerald Green Controller Boxset


Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony
Product Number: SCES 01564 (Game)/SCPH-1200 (Controller)

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

The first game designed SOLELY for use with the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK), APE ESCAPE takes you on a crazy adventure through time and space to stop monkeys from taking over the World.

*Over 20 true 3D levels.
*Bonus mini-games include Monkey Boxing and ski racing!
*Each monkey has an individual name, personality and skill level that affect gameplay.
*Training rooms and 3 bonus games!
*Loads of gadgets and tools to collect throughout the game, including a slingshot, monkey-net, sky-flying propeller, radio-controlled car, monkey radar and rowing boat – all created for maximum use of the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK)!


This Ape Escape Boxset included a “Not to be sold separately” copy of Ape Escape plus an Emerald Green Dualshock Controller. The large sized external cardboard box is a large format box with stunning Ape Escape Artwork.

Many Thanks to https://psxdatacenter.com for the information used to help complete this article.

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