NBA Hang Time Press Kit

NBA Hang Time Press Kit including Promo VHS & NBA Branded Hoodie.  This is a highly unusual press kit as it comes from a time when SNES, Megadrive (Genesis), PlayStation & Nintendo 64 were all still available on the high street.  This press kit whilst multi-format is of enough interest to any PlayStation collector to warrant its inclusion here and includes a Promotional VHS video featuring footage of NBA Hang Time, Mortal Kombat Trilogy & Ultimate Mortal Kombat.   Also included is an NBA Hoodie and it’s all contained within a great looking Cardboard presentation box.

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Publisher: Midway
Developer: Director’s Cut
Product Number: SLUS-00329

BOX DESCRIPTION (Quoted from Original box Rear) :

Soar thru the air and slam one home against the big boys! This game ROCKS with special moves, burnin’ hoops and high flyin’ double dunks! All 29 NBA teams represented with 5 man rosters! Unique features include team fire, alley oops, double dunks & spin moves! Secret codes enable hidden characters, arenas and options! Play against up to 4 friends or team-up against the computer! Create your own player!

  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Basketball theme.


NBA Hang Time is a two-on-two hoops contest in the tradition of NBA Jam and NBA Jam T.E. Choose from 29 NBA teams and 145 professional stars with ratings based on the 1995-96 season, or create your own players and save them directly to memory card. Customize your athlete’s head, uniform, attributes, or name, and then build his ratings by winning games or correctly answering trivia questions. Sixteen different heads allow you to create offbeat characters such as aliens or clowns.

Moves include alley oops, spin moves, double dunks, and team “fire” (players get hot after making three shots in a row). Up to four players can compete simultaneously in venues ranging from a rooftop and jungle arena to a harbor and city court. Enter in codes to unlock hidden characters, power-ups, and other bonuses. The game will also keep track of statistics such as points-per-game average, longest winning streak, most games played, and overall winning percentage.

* Build five-man rosters by choosing from among all 29 NBA teams
* Perform gravity defying alley oops, double dunks, and spins
* Unlock hiddent characters and arenas

NBA Hangtime retains many of the same rules of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, including the two-on-two match ups, statistics tracking, legal pushing and “on fire” mode. Additions to the gameplay include spin moves, alley oops and double slam dunks – a slam dunk performed after one team member in the middle of a dunk passes to the other member. Alley-oops and double dunks can trigger the new “team fire” mode in which both team members are on fire.

Each team now has five members of the roster to choose from. The original arcade version features team rosters from the 1995-96 NBA season, while the home console versions feature team rosters that were accurate to the 1996-97 NBA season. The player can select from any of the 29 NBA teams and match them in four quarters of NBA basketball (three minutes each), with three-minute overtimes if necessary. Just as in the NBA Jam games, the game can keep track of the teams a player has beaten using a player’s created ID and PIN. Optionally, the player can load their created player. Players using their ID face off against a series of NBA teams, starting with the Vancouver Grizzlies and ending with the Chicago Bulls (who were on their way to being NBA champions at the time of the game’s release). After beating all 29 teams, the player faces off against a number of secret characters.

New to the game is a three-digit “combination lock” feature. Similar to the “Kombat Kodes” in Mortal Kombat 3, the feature allows players to enter codes on the Match Up screen that alter the game’s appearance and/or gameplay.

Press Kit Exclusives :

This Press Kit is an unusual Multi Format press kit and does not include any version of the game itself.  It does include an exclusive NBA themed hoodie and a Promotional VHS video featuring adverts for upcoming midway games.

The images for this unusual press kit were kindly supplied to us by Koen of please feel free to visit them for all your retro needs and don’t forget to mention who sent you.

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